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Listen Up Central Pro-Am Fishermen!

Wow, that was some couple months!

At the end of 2011, had just over 2,000 tournament patterns in the database, which includes almost every B.A.S.S. tourney from the first one in 1967. As of this month, there’s more than 3,000 – exactly 3,143 at the time of this post – and we’re now called (more about the name change in a future post).

Where the heck else can you easily browse 3,000+ patterns plus see the graphs, upload your own patterns and more cool stuff?! Nowhere!

Central Pro-Am

Many of the 1,000 new patterns – all checked and edited by hardcore bassers – cover 20 years (!!) of Central Pro-Am derbies, plus some old Operation Bass-era Red Mans on the same waters the CPA fishes. Bottom line: If you fish the CPA and don’t use BassGold, you might lose to someone who does!

New Features

To make the BassGold app more useful, we added two new features to it:

1) Tournament Library: Instead of having to generate a Pattern Report for a particular water and time of year, now you can browse events by state and water body.

2) Private Patterns: When you upload your own patterns, you can now keep them private. Eventually you’ll also be able to share them with buds who are also BassGold app users.

All this for the same low price….

What’s Next

Can’t let all the cats out of the bag, but here are some:

> Pattern-wise we have another 500+ historical tournament patterns to get into the database. We have all B.A.S.S. patterns up to date (Open level and above), but need to catch up on historical FLW patterns, including EverStarts and some BFLs.

> We have about half the available Bass Champs tournaments in and will be getting the rest in asap.

> Hall of Fame B.A.S.S. pro and pattern data guru Ken Cook will be posting regularly on the BassGold Blog – don’t miss his valuable patterning and fishing insights.

Is BassGold one of the most valuable bassin’ apps ever? Yes. Will it be THE most valuable soon? Yep….


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