Deets on Bone’s Winning Flash Mob Jr.

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This month Pat Bone became the first angler in B.A.S.S. history to win a tournament using an umbrella rig – in this case a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. at the Douglas Lake, TN Open. and had some of the deets on Bone’s winning pattern and rig, but not all. BassGold has ’em all, here are some of ’em you might not have read elsewhere:

Bone threw the Flash Mob Jr. all 3 days of the tournament, and as the “Jr.” indicates it’s a smaller, easier-to-cast, easier-on-the-arms rig.

The Flash Mob Jr. has 5 stainless steel arms. No. 3 willow blades are at the mid-points of the four outer arms for extra flash and vibration, and there’s no extra weight in the head.

“I caught every fish I weighed in on the Flash Mob Jr.,” Bone said. “The size and those flashing blades were the deal.”

Because Douglas Lake is in Tennessee, which has a 3-hook restriction, Bone used hookless swimbaits on the top two lure arms, two 1/4-ounce jigheads on the bottom lure arms and a 1/8-ounce jig for the center lure arm. The two heavier bottom jigheads provide the balance needed for the Flash Mob Jr. to run straight in the water.

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He used 4″ and 5″ swimbaits in two different colors. “I had two rods on the deck during the tournament,” Bone said. “One was for stained water and the other for clearer water. For clear water I like swimbaits that are somewhat translucent, and for the dirtier water I use the more solid colors like white.”

Bone threw the clear-water rig on 20-pound fluorocarbon and the dirty-water rig on 65-pound braid.

He caught his bass in 8-10′, targeting transition areas fish were using as they migrated into spawning areas. He positioned the boat so he could cast parallel to the bank (or at most a 45-degree angle) so he could keep the rig in the right water depth the maximum amount of time.

The Flash Mob Jr. has become the most-popular umbrella rig in YUM’s “bait school technology” lineup, and is available everywhere fishing lures are sold for less than $13. (Check ’em out on

Bone said he threw the Flash Mob Jr. at Douglas for one major reason: “The confidence factor,” he said. “I have a lot of confidence in that rig.”

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