KVD Hook, Weight Secrets

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by Jay Kumar

Quick story: When me and another guy created the BassFan World Rankings back in 2000-01, it was for one purpose: To prove to the world that tournament bass fishing isn’t just luck and shouldn’t just be measured by an event won here or there. And when the rankings debuted in August 2001 at the Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta, guess whose name was at the top: Kevin VanDam.

Surprised? After staring at the data for months, I wasn’t either. But believe it or not, just about everyone at that Classic was surprised, including Kevin. Because no one had ever done that before. Kevin ended up winning that Classic, and the rest is history, I guess.

Point is, KVD is always at or near the top. We all know that now. He’s that good, arguably the best bass fisherman ever to walk planet Earth. Does he have some sorta 6th fish sense? Sure he does. But he also does things differently, and we don’t know even a quarter of what he – or any pro – does differently. Believe me. Spend 5 minutes with any pro, and you’ll learn two or three things you’ve never read about anywhere.

So whenever I see something new or different about how these guys fish – particular KVD – I pay rapt attention. Ran across this recent post on KVD’s terminal tackle written by B.A.S.S. senior writer Louie Stout with some great info in it. Probably not sexy enough to make Bassmaster mag, but good info. Here’s a few excerpts, but the whole thing (linked here) is worth a full read:

> I replace new crankbaits with extra-short-shank trebles because they allow me to go to a bigger hook without fear of them tangling. For example, on the ½-ounce Strike King Red Eye Shad (lipless crankbait), KVD 1.5 Square Bill and Series 5 crankbaits, I’ll use two No. 2 short shank triple grips instead of the stock hooks. On smaller crankbaits, (Series 1, 3 and 1.0), I go with two No. 4 KVD Extra Short Shanks.

> Remember that you can’t upsize hooks on baits that are balance-sensitive, like topwaters and small jerkbaits. Mustad offers a KVD Round Bend version for lures like that.

> I’ve always been an advocate of using heavier sinkers than most anglers. If I’m pitching grass beds 8 feet deep or less, I’ll use ½- and ¾-ounce, leaning toward the ¾-ounce most of the time. Our lakes generally are clear and I believe a faster fall triggers more bites. I may even go to a 1-ounce if fishing deeper.

> I use 1/8 ounce when I believe a slower fall is more effective. I rarely use in-between sizes of weights.

> The only time I peg a sinker is if I’m fishing a lighter weight and trying to punch through the grass. It keeps the weight with the bait.

Awesome info – thanks Louie and KVD.


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