62 More Patterns Now In FishingGold!

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FYI we just uploaded pattern info from top pro finishers in all 2006 and 2007 FLW Series events (remember those?), as well as a few patterns from a “midwest trail that shall remain nameless for now” – we’ll make an announcement when we upload more patterns from it.

Here are the lakes covered in the latest update:

Lewis Smith, AL
Pickwick, AL
Dardanelle, AR
Havasu, AZ
California Delta, CA
Clear Lake, CA
Okeechobee, FL
Lanier, GA
Cumberland, KY
Lake of the Ozarks, MO
Stockton, MO
Champlain, NY
Old Hickory, TN
Columbia River, WA

That makes 1,859 patterns on 173 lakes – plus a TON more coming!

Note this important fact: If the lake you’re not looking for isn’t in there yet YOU CAN SEARCH BY LAKE TYPE within the same state – which you’d probably want to do anyway, even if that lake was in there because it’s super-freakin’ valuable!

Also gotta say: Based on how much time it takes us to whittle down all the info in these patterns plus throw out the junk and inconsistencies, that time savings alone – meaning what you get in FishingGold! is the meat and nothing else – is definitely worth the $35/year!

Wish we could tell you the names of the pro guys using it right now…but unfortunately that wouldn’t be cricket.

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